Facts and resources

Here are some free resources for you to download and share.


  • How to be part of the solution and not the problem...

    Click here to read more about the problems of residential care institutions.

    download here
  • What's driving the boom in the institutionalisation of children?

    Check out this fact sheet to see what's driving the boom.

    download here
  • Questions to ask before you support a children's organisation

    Here's some questions you should ask before supporting a children's organisation

    download here
  • Implications of the proposed Modern Slavery Act for Australian Charities

    An overview of potential ramifications of the proposed Modern Slavery Act.

    download here

Educational Presentation

TEDx Talk

  • Reference sheet for Tara Winkler's TEDx Sydney talk 2016

    Here are the studies and papers referenced in Tara's TEDx talk.

    download here
  • Countries that show an increase in RCIs/institutionalised children

    Globally, there has been an alarming increase in institutions. Check it out.

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