Education / Life Skills

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Our Life Skills classes ensure children learn about a range of important topics and develop important skills needed for successful independent living, such as nutrition and financial literacy.

Budget: $30000


Our Life Skills workshops ensure children are equipped with the practical skills they need for independence and healthy living, work and study skills.

Additionally, children learn about a range of important topics, including financial literacy, and sexual and reproductive health.

Ethics and Critical Thinking

This class develops children’s critical thinking skills by teaching them not what to think, but how to think.

Succeeding in life depends on our ability to solve the problems we encounter along the way. If we teach children what we know, their knowledge is limited by ours. If we teach children to think, their knowledge is limitless.

In our ethics and critical thinking classes, we teach children how to question and determine what is ethical or unethical (or somewhere in between), and we help them identify flaws in arguments.

Studying ethics and philosophy gives children valuable skills, which will influence how they live their lives.

Kitchen Garden

Helping to foster an appreciation for growing healthy food also helps to encourage healthy eating habits.

CCT’s Kitchen Garden classes give the children an opportunity to learn how to plant, tend and harvest their own food. We also teach the children about nutrition and how to take care of their bodies.

When it comes time to harvest, the children can take home a basket of fresh produce and the rest is sent to CCT’s Jaan Bai Restaurant.