Education / Cultural Activities

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Our cultural activities keep the Cambodian traditional arts alive in the next generation.



Budget: $100


Children take part in cultural activities that provide a well rounded education, instilling cultural pride and ensuring ancient cultural practices are not lost. 

Apsara Dancing
This ancient art form was almost destroyed by the Khmer Rouge. In the years following the regime, Apsara dancing has regained its place as an integral part of Khmer culture. Some of the dances performed by the children date back to the 11th century.

Learning Apsara dancing helps the children form a living link with a past that was almost destroyed forever and, at the same time, foster a pride in themselves and their cultural identity.

Masked Theatre
Lakhon Khol, or masked theatre, was a dying art. Nearly all of the old masters died under the Khmer Rouge regime. In the years since, Lakhon Khol has received little support and the tradition is struggling to survive.

The CCT “Lakhon Kids” tackle issues of trust, loyalty, love and revenge which they act out through dramatic encounters as princes, giants, monkeys, mermaids and a beautiful princess!

The children have the opportunity to learn traditional Khmer music. They learn to play various instruments including xylophones, gongs, cymbals, drums, flutes and traditional fiddles.

In CCT’s art classes the children learn the basics of drawing and painting and have fun with arts and crafts. They learn traditional Khmer techniques and are encouraged to use their imagination and creativity.