Our Values & Approach

Our approach serves as a living guide that sets out the signposts for future iterations of our operations to achieve maximum impact.

To ensure our interventions result in systemic, sustainable change (not dependency), we always endeavour to address a problem’s root cause, avoiding the temptation of opting for Band-Aid solutions and quick-fixers.

To achieve this, we practice the following values:

Values and Approach

Scientific Innovation

  • We believe strongly in the value of transparency, critical reflection and the honest evaluation of our work.
  • Our work is evidence-based and informed by years of formative research that has been gathered by experts in their fields.
  • Our funding model, policies, and programming support the scientific method, an innovative environment, rapid-feedback experimentation, and entrepreneurial investment in new ideas.
  • Our commitment to scientific innovation means resources are utilized efficiently and effectively, reflecting the interests, values, and needs of the beneficiaries we serve. It also ensures we are delivering best practices, while also raising the bar – striving for even better practices and outcomes in the future.

Scientific Method: We use the scientific method to drive innovative program design. This means that when new information, evidence or constructive criticism arises, we update our position, respond quickly to practices that aren’t working, and adapt our interventions accordingly. To facilitate this process, we are a flexible and adaptable organisation that intentionally operates in a constant state of evolution.


We strongly believe that organisations can’t achieve lasting sustainable change alone. Systemic change and best practice is achieved when people, organisations, and systems work together and learn from each other’s successes and failures.

A problem shared is a problem halved. We don’t recreate wheels or duplicate resources. Instead, we harness the power of teamwork, partnership and strong, collaborative networks of NGOs, government, and other service providers.

Overcoming poverty is not a job for just one NGO. It’s not even just a job for all the NGOs in Cambodia. It’s a job for an entire generation. Our collective responsibility is to empower that generation.

Quality and Scale

Our focus has always been on the effectiveness of our programs and therefore, we have never compromised quality for the sake of quantity.

However, the consideration of scalability has always played an important role in our program design. We conceptually test our programs to see if they would still be effective on the largest possible scale. This helps us to foresee potential problems with the model early on that might cause more harm than good in the long run.

Examples of our values in action:

  • Scientific Innovation

    As a result of the years of testing and developing systems within our Community Centres, we now have a retention rate of over 90% – meaning when children enter our programs, they don’t drop out. This has resulted in an ongoing reduction in costs of our healthcare programs, proving that prevention, early intervention is key to achieving sustainable change.


  • Collaboration

    – We build local capacity and strengthen national systems in Cambodia by working alongside the Cambodian Government – DoSVY & MoSVY. In 2016, CCT has placed one social worker with 20+ years’ experience working full time at the Battambang Department of Social Affairs, providing training to their social workers on best practice in case management, family tracing, and reintegration.

    – Operational partnerships include – FCFC Initiative/ 3PC Alliance/ ChildSafe Network/ Rethink Orphanages Network/ Better Care Better Volunteering Network/ Grok Learning/ PEPY Tours & Ayana Journeys

  • Quality and Scale

    CCT’s ‘Holistic Family-Based Care Model’ has been selected as the official model to scale for the FCFC pilot, providing the solution to keep children in families and to assist the Government with achieving its child protection goals. CCT has also been selected as the NGO to implement the scaled version of our model in Battambang Province.

    This demonstrates that CCT has a proven track record of developing scalable models in Cambodia that efficiently and effectively solve complex social problems and enable some of the most vulnerable people in Cambodia to escape the intergenerational cycle of poverty.