Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) works to empower vulnerable children to break the cycle of poverty through family preservation, education and deinstitutionalisation. For all media enquiries, please contact us here.

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Read Tara’s book!

How (Not) To Start An Orphanage … by a woman who did is an inspiring story of determination, hope and passion–and some hard lessons learnt along the way. Click here to read more about Tara’s book.




Seen Tara’s TEDx Talk?

Tara Winkler speaks out against the spread of orphanages in developing countries, caused by the good intentions of foreign donors, and of harm that comes to children when they are separated from family and left to grow up in institutions. Click here to find out Why Need to End the Era of Orphanages.



Did you follow Tara’s Road To TEDx blog?

When I first set up the Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) in 2007, I fully understood the responsibilities I was taking on. I knew it was a long-term and life-changing commitment. What I couldn’t anticipate, however, was the public life that would come along with it.” Click here to read more thoughts from Tara.



Seen CCT on the television?

Australia’s 60 Minutes television series featured CCT’s family-based care model and explores some of the challenges we’re currently facing in Cambodia. Click here to watch the episode and find out how you can be part of the solution.

    Learn more about CCT by watching The House of Tara – ‘Australian Story’, ABC




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