ICT: Enabling students to follow their dreams

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Posted 22nd June 2016 in News

The Information Communication Technology (ICT) course that Cambodian Children’s Trust (CCT) established in partnership with Monivong Public High School and with the support of Grok Learning, Atlassian and the University of Sydney allows over 1,600 Cambodian students to learn vital skills that open up future opportunities.

The course empowers students to follow their dreams, while equipping them with the necessary skills they need to keep up with an increasingly digital world. Recently, some of the ICT students at Monivong used the skills they learned in the course and designed their very own websites.

Tola is an 18 year-old student enrolled at Monivong High School who has dreamed of becoming a doctor since he was a child. Tola was first introduced with the concept of website design when he took the ICT course. At first, Told found the course difficult, but soon found it easily understandable – Tola attributes his quick learning and understanding to his teachers, whom he says are very thorough and patient in their lessons. To demonstrate how much he’s learned from his teachers, Told quotes an old Khmer proverb: “The bamboo shoot grows up to be the bamboo – in other words, children reflect their parents, just as students reflect their teachers.”

Additionally, Tola finds the lessons to be very interesting, as he learns to work with many different programs that he’s never used before. For instance, he was particularly intrigued by the website design portion of the course because he could combine some of his key passions: design, helping sick members of the community, and his desire to become a doctor.

The website that Tola designed reflects the work of Children’s Surgical Centre in Battamang – Tola says he chose this particular hospital because: “This particular centre protects children against many illnesses, and improves quality of life by providing rehabilitation surgery. So my website design is a part of my wish to help the children, who are very important – they are the future of their countries.”

To approach this project, Tola combined his knowledge of medicine with his skills at website design to create a site that he can share with the digital world. Through the web design course at Monivong, he creatively embellished his website with pictures, videos, interactive games, and even a blog to engage his readers.

Tola is enthusiastic about the course – saying that by designing this particular website, he has learned a lot about hospitals and it contributes to his future goal of becoming a doctor. The vital ICT skills that Tola learns in this course will help enable him to succeed in university and throughout his career – as he follows his dream and challenges himself to become a future leader in Cambodia, helping countless lives as a doctor.