ICT Education

Education plays an important part in eliminating disadvantage and helping children break the cycle of poverty, yet many Cambodian youth finish their education without even basic ICT skills and knowledge. A highly digital global workforce means there is a greater need for young people to learn ICT skills in order to increase their employment opportunities and create brighter futures in which they can meet their basic needs and break the poverty cycle.

The three key objectives of our ICT education program is:


1: Curriculum and Content: developing an internationally recognised ICT syllabus and educational resources to teach computer knowledge and skills to young people.

2: Teacher Training: providing teachers in the general public school system with computer skills.

3: Alignment and Integration: working with the Cambodian Government and other NGOs to implement the ICT syllabus into the Cambodian National Public School Curriculum.

CCT’s ICT education program is currently delivered out of two public high schools in Battambang, teaching basic ICT skills, website design, animation, computer programming and robotics. The education program has been established in partnership with Tara Murphy and James Curran from the University of Sydney, Grok Learning, Atlassian, and Development Innovations

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