How to help / Corporate Support

There are a number of ways to become a major sponsor and make a significant investment in support of our programs.



Do you want to align your business with a reputable and engaging non-profit organisation? We’re currently looking for partners to invest in our Family-Based Care Model.

Support from corporate partners makes up almost half of CCT’s funding. Your contributions will make a huge difference in our capacity to deliver life-changing programs, and we’ll make sure your team comes along on the journey in a way that suits you best.

Join leading companies such as Vittoria Coffee, Flight Centre, Atlassian, Texel and The Upside by writing to us at [email protected] – let’s start something great!

Flight Centre Foundation’s Partnership with CCT

“Flight Centre Travel Group’s history with CCT began in Victoria in 2010, when one of our leaders became aware of their amazing work via ABC’s Australian Story. Since then our relationship has expanded to become a true partnership to support CCT in achieving their development goals in Battambang and beyond, including:

* Financial support via the Flight Centre Foundation, harnessing our people’s workplace giving donations, matched by the company, to maximise their impact. Working with CCT to identify priorities, we began supporting the Medical Outreach Program in 2015 and this year sees the addition of the Foster Care Sustainability Project.

* Advocacy of CCT, their work and the need for Responsible Travel through our operations and networks.

* Provision of fundraising campaign prizes.

* Skilled support of CCTs travel needs and supporting Australian-based activities with event volunteers.

As custodians of our generous employees’ charity donations, the Foundation’s Board is highly conscious of the organisations we partner with and will only consider those that show the highest level of professionalism, integrity and dedication to their cause.

The team at CCT are willing to go above and beyond to engage our people in their quest to build brighter futures. Regular program updates and other communication allows CCT to openly share their vision, goals, results, successes and challenges with our people. They also share the impact of their contributions, making not a lot of money go a very long way to change lives. The results of the Medical Outreach Program alone speak for themselves…preventative health and hygiene measures have reduced overall program costs due to reduced illness – a great outcome. Our people have come to truly understand and embrace CCT’s cause.

We consider the CCT extended family part of our Flight Centre family and vice versa. We look forward to continuing to build on this partnership and helping CCT create sustainable futures for the children, families and communities they support. We’d encourage others to do the same and become part of the CCT family.”

Anita Russell – General Manager, Flight Centre Foundation