Holistic Family-based Care (HFBC) Model

CCT’s Holistic Family-Based Care Model supports all children, regardless of their circumstances, to grow up in a family. Wherever possible, children live with their biological parents, or in kinship care with relatives, and those unable to stay with their own families are supported in foster care or local adoption with devoted, dedicated Cambodian parents.

The five key objectives of our holistic family-based care model are:



1: Family preservation: preventing vulnerable families from being separated in the first place

2: Reintegration:  assisting institutionalised children to return to their families

3: Family-based alternative care: providing high quality kinship care and foster care services for children who can’t live with their biological parents

4: Transforming orphanages: assisting residential care institutions to transition to the family-based care model.

5: Advocacy: raising awareness both in Cambodian and internationally about the need for care reform and deinstitutionalisation

These services are provided through a platform that partners with government to ensure services from CCT’s Provincial Community Centres reach the wider population in surrounding communes and villages. 

Services are tailored to the specific needs of each family and include things like:



Our holistic range of family-based services are delivered from our community youth centres, community preschool, and foster care homes.