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Want to learn about International Development and CCT’s work?

Become informed – take part in one of our educational presentations and project visits.



Cambodian Children’s Trust is committed to helping our supporters and the general public understand some of the issues currently faced by Cambodian children and their families. We offer visits, which includes our new Education Presentation, for two main reasons:

1: Education – We receive a lot of requests from people who would like to get involved and/or are interested in learning about some of the problems in Cambodia.

2: Transparency – Funding continues to be our biggest challenge and we are extremely grateful for the help we receive from our supporters. We understand that some people would like to see and understand how their donations are being implemented.

We believe education and transparency are important. However, we also believe that child protection is the most important thing (after all, this is why we are here!) and all visits are conducted with strict adherence to our Child Protection Policy.


What is included in CCT’s educational presentation?

Our educational presentation identifies and explores current problems faced by vulnerable children and families in Cambodia; the complexities of community development work; and different models of support. We also talk about CCT’s story; our strategy; and our holistic model which helps Cambodian children become educated, ethical and empowered leaders in their communities.

How long does a visit take?

Approximately 2 hours (depending on group size and discussion generated by the presentation). Visits are conducted during office hours.

Do we get to see your projects?

Yes. You will visit our office; Youth Centres; and Jaan Bai, our social enterprise restaurant. (Please note that this may vary depending on what programs are operational on the day.)

Do we get to interact with the children?

No. A CCT visit is not an opportunity to play with the children, who are receiving vital social support. During the visit you may witness children taking part in their educational activities; however, our goal is to minimise program disruption to their learning. This means we will not participate in any activities. The purpose of the visit is to observe the projects in operation and to gain a deeper understanding of what CCT does and why.

Do I need to fill in a form or sign a waiver?

All visitors are required to fill in a Visitor Agreement form outlining our Child Protection Policy and requesting photograph ID.

How much does an education visit cost?

A minimum donation of US$50 (for groups of up to 5 people); US$10 per person for larger groups. The visit is free for existing supporters of CCT.

Can I film or take photos?

In accordance with our Child Protection Policy, no photography or filming is allowed. If you would like some photographs or footage for organisational and fundraising purposes, or to share on your social media networks, we’d be really happy to provide these.

Can I bring gifts?

We recommend that you do not bring gifts. There are many children in our programs and it is difficult to make sure gifts are fairly and equally distributed among the children. If you would like to contribute, please visit our How to Help page.

Do I need to book a visit beforehand?

We’re a small busy team so please arrange your visit ahead of time. Sorry, we do not accept ‘drop-in’ visits.

Any questions, feel free to contact us at info@cambodianchildrenstrust.org