A safe and nurturing home for children in need

 “I’m happy to take care of the children and to make sure they know what it’s like to feel loved.”

Posted 1st November 2017 in Community

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Light poured into the shiny new kitchen through a clear ceiling panel above as Foster Mum Sarat shared her excitement about moving into their dramatically renovated home.

Years ago, Sarat lived on the same plot of land in a small house with her husband Roeun. During this time the house flooded regularly and offered limited protection from the elements, but the pair had little income. “I was making and selling noodles and rice porridge but not earning enough to fix-up the house,” Sarat said.

When Sarat and Roeun decided to become foster parents to six children between the ages of 10 and 23, who were unable to live with their biological parents or in kinship care, they needed a safe place for the family to call home. CCT provided a rental house as a temporary solution until renovations could be completed on the couple’s home to make sure it met the standard for foster placement.

CCT Construction Manager Buffalo and his team set about raising the ground level to prevent flooding, building extra rooms (bed, bath, kitchen and living), enclosing the outdoor area and installing electricity, running water and a septic tank.

“When I look at the completed home, I feel proud, proud and happy,” Sarat said.

“The living room is very comfortable and such a nice space for relaxing and watching television all together.

“And the kitchen is so full of light!”

Sarat said that while the rental house was secure and comfortable, “there is no place like home.”

“It feels wonderful to be back in our community. We’re happy to see our neighbours and they are happy to see us.”

Sarat and Roeun became responsible for the orphaned siblings four years ago. “I’m happy to take care of the children and to make sure they know what it’s like to feel loved.”

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