Ending The Era Of Institutional Care #FamiliesNotInstitutions


   CCT wants to see an end to the era of institutional care of children globally.

Clickhere2Shockingly, the number of children separated from families and growing up in institutions around the world has been dramatically increasing. This has been fuelled by donations from well-meaning people who believe they are helping the children.

No child should have to grow up in an institution, without the warmth, love and safety of a family. Decades of research has shown that even the highest standard of institutional care is harmful for all children.

There are an estimated eight million children around the world living in Residential Care Institutions, like orphanages, despite the fact that around 80 per cent of these children have families who could be caring for them. CCT is calling on you to be a part of the solution.

Donating to this campaign will help CCT and our partners, who are dedicated to de-institutionalisation globally, to:

  • Reintegrate children in institutions back to families.Child Campaign logo-02
  • Transform institutions to a family-based care model.
  • Prevent vulnerable families from being separated in the first place.

Please help us put an end to the unnecessary institutionalisation of vulnerable children and be part of the solution by donating to our campaign.


The transformation of CCT from an RCI to family-based care proves that care-reform is possible.

We are already partnering with a number of RCIs in Cambodia to help reintegrate children back to families and ultimately transform the residential care centres into community youth centres. This transformation will ensure vulnerable children are able to remain living in families, without compromising any of their vital needs like nutrition, health care and education.


Family preservation work ensures that poverty does not cause the unnecessary separation of vulnerable families and prevents the children in these families from being trafficked, subjected to child labour and from ending up in institutions.

To find out more, read Tara Winkler’s book How (NOT) to Start an Orphanage and take a look at CCT’s Family-Based Care Model and see how it promotes family preservation and facilitate successful reintegrations.

Be part of the solution. Click here to donate to the campaign.

To carry out this vital work – we need your help.

Every child deserves a family. Please help us end the era of institutional care.